Amish Furniture in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids was once known as the “furniture capital of the world”. So when mention is made of our city, what comes to mind is ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘unsurpassed quality’. In our planning stage, Steve and I wanted to bring back the concept of carefully handcrafted furniture -- utilizing all the time-tested techniques and skills all the great furniture masters have used in the past.

Quality Amish Furniture in Michigan

Alpine Treasures IS “like no other furniture store” for a couple of reasons! First, Amish craftsman have honed their skills for four hundred years and now have created an array of incredibly elegant, pleasingly functional pieces for every room in the house. This is not 2 year “throw away furniture” stapled together with pressed wood and laminates or other lesser quality materials. For our Amish pieces, the woods are carefully chosen, harvested from American forests and the end result is what you will unmistakably recognize as “the highest quality” and without a doubt, incredibly beautiful. Alpine Treasures, LLC is located off from Alpine Avenue in Comstock Park, ten minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.